Thursday, August 19, 2010

weight loss food pyramid

weight loss food pyramid

"Standard" staring at the food pyramid from the bottom - part of 6-11 grains, and fruits and vegetables - then the protein groups: meat and beans group and dairy. Fats, oils and sweets are concerned.

After gastric bypass you can read the pyramid from top to bottom. Rohan instead of fats, oils and sweets - can not eat. groups of proteins in the Home - remember the rule - protein first! Here is a sampling of fruits and vegetables groups. Then, if a little taste of large groups. Fats and oils, is related to diet, eat candy rare. It is unlikely, a little belly ever satisfy the amounts of food pyramid guidelines - six 11-dose group of children totally unrealistic for the bariatric patient. However, WLS patients can obtain significant nutritional benefits and satiation of foods containing all the target groups for their own food. The key is to create a healthy eating pattern with the Food Guide Pyramid as a reference for choosing healthy foods.

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