Monday, August 9, 2010

weight loss steroids

weight loss steroids

Prolonged use of steroids is one of the biggest holes on drug policy. Even in the midst of ongoing complaints, steroids still have gained popularity. For me it's so ghastly to hear people say that fitness steroids are the only way to lose fat and build muscle.

I just masked my complaint and respectfully declined the offer. Why? It is apparent that steroids are not good you. But why is it still so popular? As shown that people build muscle and really look good.

However, there are quite a few issues that are taken for settled. It may seem scary, but the truth will come out as soon as you start using it. There are cases that cause heart attacks and some damage may occur and physically. There are warnings that yet many only disregard it. In-spite of all these if you want to try the steroid then you will find huge risk about your health.

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