Tuesday, April 12, 2011

walking weight loss

walking weight loss

This fact is generally well accepted that exercise burns calories and can be general health of mind and body to improve. Many of us also recognize that walking is the exercise easier and more effective for weight and health. What many people do not realize that they can be more effective in their efforts to return. It really only takes a little tweaking of a simple walking program to make it more effective as a weight program.

Many experts recommend at least 30 minutes sustainable physical activity every day for health. But the 30-minute walk a day, while it may initially cause some welcome and valuable for the overweight person lose weight is often not the final answer. The results of the first weight loss may not be sustainable, because the body makes adjustments and learn the new demands placed on them to accept.

Be sure to walk or participate in other activities) for a continuous 30 minutes a day will lead to good health, greater energy levels and wellbeing, as well as some loss of production loss. But seriously overweight person can not create a continuing loss, permanent weight they are looking for just 30 minutes day.

It is a matter of time.

Because the way the body draws on stored fat reserves but kept the energy, the first step and more valuable when you get into the habit of walking, the amount of time to carry out activities on the rise. Forty-five minutes is better than 30, and 60 better than 45 minutes.

Of course, walking an hour a day, it can be six or seven times a week to be difficult for some to adjust their schedules. However, not only increase the time to 45 or 60 minutes, the activity of two or three times a week will produce more weight loss than the preserve at all levels up to 30 minutes.

Another technique is speed, which you walk during the day for no more than 30 minutes walk to raise. It also has the benefit of conditioning the body a little differently than slow tempo, the long term. Remember, do not walk to work very hard to breathe. A rule of thumb is that if you can not talk and walk, or try to go fast or far. Always build up slowly to a new level of effort.

You may also want to consider resistance training as free weights or equipment, such as the Bowflex or the Total gym, or a similar exercise equipment. It is built on the muscle tissue, which will burn more calories, even public holiday. In addition to just walking exercises certain muscles and muscle groups. A resistance training program can be used muscle groups, which are not included in this course guide.

Although prolonged 45 and 60 minutes on foot will be a little more effective if done at a time, two 30-minute walk a day will be more beneficial for fitness and weight than just one. In fact, many experts recommend pedometer and simply trying to ensure that you get 10,000 steps every day.

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