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weight loss for teens

weight loss for teens

I am not going to try to sell something. All I want to make you the facts on how to lose weight using tips safely and successfully. The rest up to you.

The first and most important rule of teenage Loss

1. Eat healthy! Hunger is not the answer

Every so often we hear of a teenage girl he is hungry to lose weight very quickly to reduce participation in the particular function, dance or PROM. The person I thought it was about eighteen years old, for example, his name was Brandi. Brandi wanted to lose about 22 pounds in five weeks as a bridesmaid at a wedding to attend. He wanted to mention his friends, and especially the child.

Within this period the most weight Brandi can expect to lose and still maintain his health, about 10 to 12 kilograms. His efforts and the advice of his doctor decided to seek themselves. So he went, and he is hungry his desired weight was done.

What happened later, I learned that he lost about 8 pounds in two weeks. During this time he developed his face and points of the body. Yes, you guessed right, Brandi was unable to attend the marriage as a maid. Brandi was a few weeks under the care of his doctor to remove the damage to her body made food yourself. Adolescents, let this incident may be warning you! "When we stop eating, we are not our bodies nutrition, the demand to remain healthy and started dysfunction T."

2. Healthy eating is better than «Dieting»

The main cause of adult weight and end up worse because the drastic action, or an unhealthy diet, weight during their adolescence. Teen Diets should not be considered until the end of their physical growth of young people find this is usually about 18 years old.

At that time, teen weight loss is not considered, without your doctor consulted. He would recommend that diet to be able to be a safe and healthy diet is recommended. A diet of healthy growth and weight management are late.

3. Diet can lead to health problems, the foreign minister.

Yes, diet can cause health problems in adolescence. During your Teens, age 12-17 years, nearly 90% of your body frame structure and the mass, which put his foot in the adult as a foundation. This time, instead of your body essential vitamins that it requires, and deprived of calcium, vitamins C and D.

This year may be even a short period of time "strict diet" leads to low bone density. low bone density weakens your bones in your later years, they are fragile and are subject to kotrvatskneri and breakage.

Teen Dieting can also lead to low levels of surprise acid and iron, that it is bloodless. A poor person is likely to continue contacts. their intellectual performance is impaired.

There are also other health problems that adolescents business "tough diet, is associated, but there are a lot said here.

4. What a healthy diet really mean?

Teenagers, as long as you eat some foods for five main food groups (fruits, vegetables, cereals [rice, pasta, oats, etc.] lean meat, low fat milk), the right parts you need to get all the nutrition you need.

5. Some foods are out of limits.

No healthy food does not mean depriving yourself of a high-calorie foods, like ice cream, pizza, cheeseburgers, etc. You can use these foods in moderation and others.

6. Fruit snack to satisfy your sweet tooth

Take food fresh fruit to school to share with you. You can also add some nuts or Brazil nuts to chew

7. Eating a good general rule

Ensure that the half-plate contains vegetables, and the remaining half divided equally between protein (meat, eggs, beans) and carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes). Where to eat Pizza, go easy on cheese and pepperoni hard vegetables and fruits.

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