Tuesday, April 5, 2011

weight loss surgery

weight loss surgery

FDA-approved since 2001 in laparoscopic weight loss surgery for obesity patients Adjustable Band for the United States was the second largest surgical treatment. General "time-band surgery" on a special patient in this obesity procedure is less invasive than more commonly performed gastric bypass, nutrition, low-risk, and require a short in the hospital in less time and fewer gastrointestinal side effects weight loss products operations.

Round of the tape, the upper portion of the stomach and then wrapped in the abdominal wall, buried under the skin and fatty tissue of a hollow silicone tube attached to a small harbor. After the correct position of the group, food intake is limited. Group to increase or decrease the amount of food a patient feel restrictions are estimated to be filled. Good adaptation of a small number of parts (once) a sensation of fullness and diet, and 2 pounds per week weight makes it easy to implement to provide.

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