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after weight loss surgery

after weight loss surgery

After weight loss surgery, make you many changes in life, both short and long term: Within the next 12-18 months, you will see that your weight significantly reduced. Being a healthy weight and reduce diseases associated with weight, you must follow up with changes in diet determined by your doctor for the rest of your life: Join a support group to handle the emotional and UPS Downs you can feel after operation is important and your success in the long term. Travel a thousand miles begins with one step, and drove to a lifetime of good health and vitality starts with your choice as soon as your transaction is complete.

Hospital after an operation
While recovering in the hospital Weight loss surgery, you will be asked to stand and walk around a few times a day. Movement is key to ensuring that your body will quickly adapt to changes resulting from surgery, and stimulate circulation for faster healing. The sooner your feet, the sooner you can expect to be discharged from hospital.
Depending on the type of procedure you had and how you heal, you can leave the hospital a day or two, or you can have a longer waiting time. Your doctor will monitor your progress and let you know when you would expect, the house upside down. Once released, the hospital administration to wait for someone to help you take action for a relative or friend to pick you up.

After surgery: recovering at home
Once home, you can help with cooking needs engine and appointments to and changing your dressings. Make sure a family member or friend to help manage these problems over the next few weeks until you can make them. If you are strong at home, you must continue to move when you are in hospital. LAPS time walking around the room or take a slow walk back to the end block and help your body heal and build the habit of regular physical exercise. You should be able to run again within two weeks after surgery, and generally, you can go back to your normal activities within six to eight weeks. Your recovery time may vary depending on the type of surgery you had and how your body reacts.

After surgery, your diet
Perhaps the biggest change you will receive after weight loss surgery, you should take a nutritious diet. Your doctor will advise you to make some changes in your process. It is important that these instructions to the letter.

Bariatric patients are restricted to liquids and soft diet, than the first week after surgery, explained Dr. David Rector, who is 20 years of weight loss surgery: "After all, they started adding solid foods to their diets, but they ate very little, and some food will be outside the boundaries ": Cookie's, cakes, chips and soda - nos for obese patients, says Dr. Rector, such as high fat content of fried chicken or ice cream.

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  1. Amazing!!It must have been a challenge to operate on a patient with such huuge abdomen overhang!! Body lift after weight loss surgery needs a very experienced surgeon.