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bariatric weight loss surgery

bariatric weight loss surgery

Obesity is considered a chronic disease. This means that the symptoms are slowly building over time, and this problem can be solved over time. Some people ignore this condition, taking into account that it will lead to serious health problems like heart disease, arthritis and lung problems. One of the ways considered effective in combating obesity, bariatric surgery is weight loss.

Among the many solutions available today to lose weight obesity weight loss surgery usually recommend to people. Patients who had weight loss surgery has several reasons. Some of them are worried about their appearance and some due to the harsh conditions of their health, and some are just tired additional burden of obesity.

What actually happens when food enters the body? If you move down into the stomach of partial digestion. Go to the duodenum, is the first part of the small intestine, where digestion of food increases. The last part of a complete 20-foot intestinal digestion. For particles that are not digested in the small intestine, it goes into the large intestine until eliminated.

Bariatric weight loss surgery reduces the stomach food. One has a feeling of satiety, because the food is stored in many digestive organs of digestion. Restrictions on the ability of these bodies for food storage, the aim of the operation.

Bariatric weight loss surgery is not something to be ashamed. It was the most common procedure for those who are serious about losing weight fast and healthy body to support.
Bariatric surgery weight loss divided into three categories. They are:

Malabsorptive procedure
On the list of bariatric weight loss surgery procedures, malabsorptive procedures. This procedure reduces the stomach size and strength lies in the absorption. This is done by redirecting the digestive food the way for selective reduction of nutrient absorption.

Restrictive procedures
Next in line for bariatric weight loss surgery procedure restrictive practices. In this procedure reduces the stomach by removing part. This is the amount of food in the stomach so respected, that you will feel better yourself just a little food.

Mixed control
Third obese weight loss surgery procedure is a combined procedure. It is the first application of two procedures. They are currently conducted.

The above three procedures malabsorption, food and restrictions on the use of both can lose weight, because only a small amount of food comes to your stomach. This is one of the unique properties of weight loss surgery obesity is not common in other surgical procedures to lose weight is determined

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