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types of weight loss surgery

types of weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is something that many people have returned to regular diet, because it may be impossible or very difficult for them. Why is it difficult for a pair of regular diet? However, the diet consists of movement, and some individuals can not then they must practice due to the amount of weight they carry as a result of an injury or disability or an illness that prevents them from this. Perhaps there are other factors affecting the health of the diet they keep the way they should. This is when weight loss surgery is an option.
Different types of weight loss surgery
There are five different types of weight loss surgery, which can choose one person. These types are:

The stomach is divided into two parts with surgical staples
Limited vertical gastroplasty. The upper part is the smaller part so that the food intake is reduced. A small opening is located between two parts, so that food can move slowly in the majority. There is also a band around the opening on the top, so it does not increase. There are some complications that wearing the belt to break and the main line. This is rare, but stomach juices may be outside of the abdomen or infection can cause leakage.

Lap-Band surgery
a series of inflatable, which are used to the stomach into a small section and a larger share is split. Vertical banded gastroplasty with only a small opening allows food to his country for most of the stomach for digestion. The band is inflated by sprinkling salt on a valve. Salt can be removed. People need to get to 100 pounds overweight, this operation, and they keep people, to lose weight by any other kind of medical supervision failed. The risks are minimal, but there may some side effects like nausea and heartburn.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
This process is contained in the stomach is divided into two parts by surgical staples. But small bag attached to the stomach from the small intestine. It is so food goes directly into the small intestine. The amount of nutrients and calories that are absorbed by the body are reduced. It can read the advantages and disadvantages. Some are famous lack of food. If the food moves too quickly through the small intestine can occur "dumping syndrome".

Biliopancreatic Diversion
This is a process not used in the United States, because it concerns the removal of a portion of the stomach and then connect the other end of the small intestine. Basically, the food in the gut in the area, be deposited in the mixed bile and digestive juices with food. This method is less frequently used in nutritional deficiencies.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy
This is a process that is carried out only 15 surgeons in the world. This limits the amount of food a person can not handle the intestines, the stomach is basically cut in half, split vertically rather than horizontally into two parts. Most deprived.

while considering surgery
If you are considering surgery, you now know, five different types of weight loss surgery, including Lap-Band. Yes, two of these words not as often as others will be performed, but is still good to know that if these methods are available, are available. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and each has its risks. Be aware of everything.

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