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weight loss natural

weight loss natural

For many women, menopause is a time of difficult transition to the reproductive years and years after pregnancy. Menopause occurs naturally when female hormones decline, and the woman's body stops the egg follicles mature each month in preparation for pregnancy. Menopause is considered to be one year after the last menstrual period in women.

Symptoms of menopause

Unfortunately, menopause is difficult for some women, because the symptoms are often inconvenient. This may include Other hot, insomnia, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, loss of interest in sex, and irritability. Sudden weight gain of the menopause.

Why women's weight during menopause

Sometimes women who gain weight during menopause have been some changes in eating habits and regular exercise. It can be frustrating, then women wonder what the cause of this sudden and unexpected weight gain. Other times, weight gain, which causes overeating caused by hormones. Another reason for weight gain is reduced by the natural metabolic slow as people Age: It means extra calories and slows down the metabolism, or an unbalanced diet, a much larger impact on menopausal women.

Body fat and estrogen also has a special role as an extra. It helps regulate the body's production of estrogen, the female hormone menopause has fallen sharply: Sometimes, the body will store fat is to stabilize estrogen levels. Hormones and body fat as well as communicate with each other in a weight gain, which affects changes in appetite digestion and metabolism.

Natural remedies for Menopause

Instead turn to prescription hormonal therapy, which increases the risk of breast cancer and reproductive, women are still a number of natural resources used to fight weight gain and other symptoms of menopause. Some of these tools include black cohosh Sage, hot summers chasteberry common mood and hormonal imbalance, evening primrose oil, widely used to control women during perimenopause and PMS relieve menopausal moodiness and St. John-s wort, natural alleviator against depression and stress.

While these drugs have proven useful for many women, they do not work in vacuum: Many women are wrong to think that these drugs will lead to weight gain and other symptoms of menopause. The truth is, the best thing you can do to prevent or change the weight through healthy diet and exercise during menopause.

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