Friday, February 10, 2012

need to lose weight fast

need to lose weight fast

You want to lose weight quickly, you may ask yourself: "I can lose weight quickly but safely?" Answer a few lifestyle changes and are willing to work, if it can be safe. These five simple steps to help you speed your weight down.

1- Cut the unhealthy food.

Raw foods are usually high fat, high sugar, high sodium, and you can really pack weight. Making your diet, "the network, if it is not true," he said. White bread, white rice, pasta, white, white potatoes and refined carbohydrates. Full-grain bread, brown rice, pasta and potatoes black. More fruits, vegetables and low-sodium or unsalted, add small amounts of nuts.

2- Do not say never.

Do not completely cut out foods such as snacks. You cut, then a car, and then slow at the moment, will go on a food binge. You want a snack, then a healthy choice as possible and have a handful. This prevents impulse usually satisfied and craving.

3- You must be performed.

For you. This is a period of 20-30 minutes per day, not just about sustainable practices. Step weight and a great way to exercise to lose. Fat burning zone, average pace (2-3 mph) to complete. Not sure how fast it will be, this is just a short walk and talk in the spirit swollen, but just fast enough. Just to let you walk and your metabolism speeds up.

4- Objectives

Select short-term goals and reward yourself for meeting. Instead of short-term purposes such as setting up a "I'll lose 50 pounds as" a very large collection of "this week, I will lose two pounds" give you more space to leave there. The goal is to determine the actual long-term goals and then break it is a small, doable goals weekly. This week on the road, you will continue to focus on the purpose and expected reward.

5- Stay away from sodas and high sugar drinks.

Low fat and calorie free Colas and fruit drinks can be healthy, but it is not. They have a very high amount of sugar and not good so they should stay, if possible. Instead, drink plenty of water and get exhausted, low calorie flavor, add it. The only water is zero calories, filling and great for body weight.

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