Thursday, February 9, 2012

sleep and weight loss

sleep and weight loss

You can not lose sleep over weight? I lose sleep may be the real reason for the sabotage your weight loss progress! Just read below more about how sleep affects your weight loss progress.

According to studies, the researchers found that women who sleep five hours or less each night, as a rule, more weight than those who sleep at least seven hours each night. There is a substantial medical evidence indicates that it is linked to the loss of weight and sleep. 2010 study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, said that the fact that the installation of sleep reduces the benefits of weight loss programs and diet. The study, diet you lose so much weight when they sleep all night, as they did when they were sleeping less. However, when the diet was sufficient sleep, the amount of fat lost more than half of the total weight loss recorded. When there is not enough hours to sleep, the amount of fat lost only a quarter of the total weight lost. In addition, dieters feel hungry, when they cut their hours of sleep. Studies have also said that the number of hours of sleep (sleep quality may be) may influence the hormonal activity, which in turn is associated with appetite.

Such as hormones affect sleep and weight loss
The hormones leptin and ghrelin plays an important role in control of when you feel hungry or full. Ghrelin (secreted in the intestinal tract) is a hormone that stimulates appetite. It also reduces the body's energy and promote fat retention. Leptin (the body produces fat cells), however, sends signals to the brain when it is full. When you are not getting enough sleep, there are increased levels of ghrelin in the body, reducing the level of leptin. As a result, you feel hungry even after eating and you do not feel so happy. The combined effect of these two sets the perfect background for the excess of food, which in turn leads to the weight. Enough sleep contribute to the proper hormonal balance, so as to stop the increase of weight from the sleep loss.

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