Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Everyone wants faster, better and more effective to know something to do, and of course it did not end on the best cardio for weight loss. And if you look at the fact that most people think you need a big effort to get at least a hit, it is clear why the cutest, best cardio for weight loss.

I mean I was like I thought it would take hours hours every day to get rid of the small amount of weight. But this is not true - exactly the opposite is the case here. You will be able to get rid of body weight more effectively and faster than losing focus on short to medium length train. The best cardio for weight loss is to take the most time, the most active muscles. Take a sprinter and a marathon runner as an example, if you compare the two is more likely to get runner looking athletic body. But do not get me wrong, if you really do endurance during workouts, such as running for a few hours, then I'm the last person on earth to stop you from doing it.

Using this fact, we can assume that in the short or medium length, are more suitable workout in terms of weight loss. I recommend you try HIIT - high intensity interval training if you have not tried before. We have only a few hours once a week to ensure weight loss and great practice in my honest opinion, is the best cardio to lose weight and tried every way possible. Here are some basics about the use of high intensity interval training:

Performing an exercise only for a minute continuously with a high intensity, stronger than you really can. This is followed by a minute of complete rest, lying down or just sit back and take a deep breath. Now repeat this process 5-10 times, depending on their training experience. Sounds easy, but the intensity is an important point, forget it.

Tabata routine second method, which is basically a different exercise / rest ratio. For example, because exercise is so intensely as you can for 30 seconds and then take a deep breath while performing a low intensity exercise for 10 seconds followed by 30 seconds apart. Here, the goal is to perform this routine for about 4 minutes.

In short, HIIT is the best cardio to lose weight and if you want a fantastic body, fitness, health, and just want to feel good, it's definitely your choice. Although it looks different if you really want long workouts. I'd say three training sessions last one hour each week for you and in my opinion the best exercises you can do at this point is swimming. Now you probably want to know why, look at some facts that show why not HIIT is the best cardio for weight loss:

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