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Improve Heart Health By Weight Loss

Improve Heart Health By Weight Loss

Obesity continues to rise, the incidence of epidemic levels, as well as people suffering from a wide array of degenerative diseases, including heart disease, which kills more people than any other Affliction. U.S. Department of Agriculture released data showing that Americans consume more than 331 calories a day in 2006, compared to thirty years ago, adding additional calories translates to 2317 extra calories a week, which is about 34 Pounds of body fat packs the most deadly year ;

Excess body weight directly causes heart disease

Heart disease risk increases in direct proportion to weight gain. The results of the study in the European Heart Journal found that even moderate weight increase is mainly due to the increased risk of heart attack and coronary death of a 5% increase in body weight is enough to Tip the scales against cardiovascular disease is mainly due to the chemical messengers released from stored fat for metabolism and lipid dysfunction ;

The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and eliminate the negative effects of bad food habits throughout life, as well as any amount of Weight Loss brings back gradually reverse the disease and reduce the risk of suffering a cardiac event, you can also make the healthy lifestyle tips to help your Weight Loss and dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease.

First Step: To increase dietary calcium to promote efforts to Weight Loss

The results of the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that people with higher flows. Calcium and dairy products experienced an average 12 pounds Weight Loss, more than a year 2. Study participants consumed 600 mg calcium and dairy sources, which is equivalent to a glass of milk 12 Oz.

It is important to note that not as calcium supplements, which are difficult to digest bodies. Be sure to supplement with vitamin K, which helps blood calcium Usher, so it does not become a fatal heart stoppage disk.
Second Step: Supplement with Vitamin D may reduce inflammation

The study also found that increased levels of vitamin D in the blood supply to decrease. This is because Vitamin D, which is stored in body fat, and says that excess fat is locked away and inaccessible to the anti-inflammatory functions of Vitamin D and the immune system.

Vitamin D is a stimulus, because it reduces inflammation due to excess fat Weight Loss and helps prevent the release of chemical messengers, such as cortisol, which can keep you from losing weight. Vitamin D deficiency, which is involved in the dramatic increase in coronary artery disease, since it has been shown to reduce blood pressure and stabilize the plate so it does not break.

Third Step: stabilize blood sugar through diet and natural

Spikes in blood sugar caused by a high carbohydrate diet leads to obesity and heart disease. Wild changes in blood sugar after meals will cause imbalance metabolism and high levels of triglycerides in the blood, which is necessary to convert body fat and storage. You can get off this rollercoaster and start to see results soon carbs Weight Loss refind slowly cutting your diet.

If your katnakharnurd paper box or took other people that may not be part of your diet. Eat more vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean proteins are a natural way to keep blood sugar under control. You can change the disk, which gradually evolves in your Arteries decades, how do you look at those excess pounds disappear

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