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weight loss surgery

 weight loss surgery

In weight loss surgery, those who are severely obese and can not reduce weight, but normal activities to Weight Loss surgery as a last resort because nothing else is working. If they continue to go like this, serious health problems can occur, such as heart problems, because the net weight will create pressure on the heart. Return After Weight Loss Surgery Medical terms, it is known as bariatric surgery seems to be useful for Weight Loss and Health Improvement. This action is recommended for people with a body mass index of 40 to or in some cases, 35 accompanied by serious medical conditions such as diabetes. However, if it can be useful, just like any other surgical procedure, the defects, we share the text.

Weight Loss Surgery Procedures
This procedure of weight loss surgery involves reducing the size of the stomach in patients implanted medical device or removing a part of the stomach or small intestines from the stomach pouch and re-routing. This is a very invasive procedure, and then if you are informed and well aware of the complications and Weight Loss Surgery, perhaps you can better prepare for things to come. There are 3 categories of procedures involved in the operation mainly malabsorptive procedures, restrictive procedures and mixed mainly. After this short explanation of what this is all about, let's take a look at the possible risks and complications with this surgery.

Long-term effects
Potential risks and possible complications of an ulcer in the weight loss stomach surgery bypass, where the small intestine is connected to the upper part of the stomach. There is the possibility that people who are non - steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or painkillers may experience this problem. Another complication is rupture or dissection is a significant weakness. A criticism often due to narrowing of the opening between the stomach and medical terminology intestines. This will bring the action to fix it NIPHS (hypoglycemia syndrome insulinoma pancreatogenous) or after bariatric surgery hypoglycemia is rarely found. Moreover, this action, the body absorb certain vitamins and minerals. It may create more problems, such as anemia due to vitamin B12, iron deficiency or vitamin B12 deficiency and neurological complications caused by kidney stones as a result of changes to the body absorb calcium and oxalate. Above all bone disorders can occur after surgery as a result of mineral or vitamin D deficiency. Dehydration of the complication of this surgery.

Surgical complications
These are the risks and complications that occurred in the operation of anesthesia reactions, respiratory problems, blood clots (which can be left brain), blood loss damage other organs near the site of surgery and even death in some of the other risks involved.

Other complications
Any physical disease occurs without psychological and emotional bariatric surgery is no exception deliberation such action, especially when you can not eat as much as you want, while others have their plates full, first. People can also react oddly to lose your weight. This can be either a positive or negative impact on your attitude, depending on what the answer is.

Besides all that, immediately after surgery with individual body aches, fatigue, cold, dry skin, thinning hair and loss, mood changes sometimes cause relationship problems.

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